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Hangzhou West Lake State Guest House profile

2019/2/16 20:55:35
Hangzhou Xihu state guesthouse is located in the west side of West Lake, three facing the lake, a patron, garden area of 360000 square meters, with beautiful environment, building sophisticated, elegant furnishings and crown ranks the first garden of the West Lake.
At the end of the nineteenth Century built in the old time had fallen off the water. Today the garden layout, housing construction is expert of our country famous garden, construction Master Mr. Dai Nianci in the fifties of the twentieth century, the re design and renovation, again after the end of the 1990s, the year of the turn of the century old large-scale renovation renovation completed. The bridge pavilion, Qulang pavilions, terraces and open halls, bamboo, ancient wood stone, you are king. Choose this live, enjoy spring visit a peach blossom summer Guanhe, autumn winter Zhan GUI loose interest tours and more bamboo wind window, lotus wind half bed Qing Tian environment. His eyes look East, ten in the panoramic view of lake.
Over the past 100 years, Liu Zhuang has had a brilliant, witnessed history, access to new. Was regarded as the first generation of China's second home, but also on behalf of the people of Zhejiang, the reception of a number of Chinese second generation, third generation of leaders and foreign heads of state and Quartet guests, received a high honor. Now, she is in the garden full of enthusiasm, elegant environment, the distinctive, high taste of the bedroom, complete supporting facilities and equipment and rich cultural attractions, welcomes guests Sihai.
Hotel opened in 1973, renovated in 2012, the main building 2 floors, the total number of rooms 180 (sets).

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The First World Hotel Hangzhou traffic info

Business zone:Xiaoshan District
Address:Zhejiang · hangzhou · xiaoshanqu - No.2555 Fengqing Avenue Xiaoshan District Hangzhou China